The little pretty things who makes me happy

{Les jolies choses}

In the life the simplest things are very often those who make my biggest happiness.
The soft kiss in the morning of my husband before he goes to the work, then a few hours later the small  voice of our daughter {she have just 17 month} who calls me "maman" as soon as she's awake are very precious things who make me see "la vie en rose" {the life in pink}.

I am lucky to live near my parents house (10 min with feet) with them I am very close, and everyday we  take a little walk Louise and I until to their house.
We enjoy on the road the sun, the light breeze, the perfume of rosemary and lavender it is the real luck to live in a beautiful Provencal village!

When we arrives my parents's kisses for me and my little treasure make me feel real love.

Louise can play in the garden with her cousin, who has 6 year old, and she can enjoy the swimming pool! And I can say that she LOVE playing in the water with us, a true little fish!

To make my baby happy that is the most important thing for me! I want that she have a wonderful childhood as was it mine, with precious moments to share with our friends and family, it's really important I think for the woman that she will become.

A sweet hug in the hammock with my baby a simple thing but a beautiful thing, isn't it!
The tenderness is in my life since my youngest age because I have extraordinary parents, dad hen and a mom hen! They inculcated us of beautiful values and are always there for us.

I think that every day we need to pay attention to all these little things which make us happy, Therefore, less think less about daily stress.

And you what are your pretty littles things than make you happy?



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  1. Bonjour Eléonore,

    Merci de votre visite. Je n'ai pas vu de moyen de vous contacter par mail sur votre blog? je viens de regarder sur ma boutique et j' ai toujours des assiettes avec une bordure rose. Si vous voulez me contacter vous pouvez me laisser un message sur ma boutique, sur ma page de profil ou sur la page de l'objet ( voir contact)
    Bien amicalement. Catherine